15 Day Trekking Libya

15 Day Trekking Libya

Day 1 Tripoli – Sebha – Germa
Sebha. Transfer to Germa minibus.
Overnight in Germa.

Day 2 Sebha – Messak Mellet
3 hours walk.
Contact with the team Tuareg drivers (4 x 4), guide, cook. Departure for the Messak Mellet.

Day 3 Messak Mellet
3 hours walk.
We will begin our trek with a visit many sites Messak Mellet. Installation of our camp in the afternoon on the outskirts of Messak Mellet.

Day 4 Messak Mellet
3 hours walk.
We continue our trek to the rhythm of the many visits we offer this beautiful reg. Camp under the stars.

Day 5 Messak Mellet
3 hours walk.
We continue our trek in the heart of Messak Mellet where we will discover the amazing sites that you can not see anywhere else. Camp on the outskirts of Messak.

Day 6 Messak Mellet
3 hours walk.
Continuation and end of our hike when we contemplate and visit many beautiful places. Bivouac.

Day 7 Messak Mellet – Messak Settafet
3 hours walk.
Move Messak Settafet. Crossing the Pass Tilemsin. Wadi Ti-n-Sharuma.

Day 8 In Wadis Hagarin
3 hours walk.
Visit of Wadi In-Hagarin.

Day 9 Wadi Taleshut
3 hours walk.
Visit the Wadi Taleshut. Move Wadi Imrawen

Day 10 Wadi Taleshut – Wadi Imraven
3 hours walk.
Arrival at Wadi Imrawen where we bivouac under the stars.

Day 11 Wadis Imrawen
3 hours walk.
Visit and explore the Wadi Imraven. Bivouac.

Day 12 Wadis Tellizaghen
3 hours walk.
Exploration of the Wadi Tellizaghen. Ti-n-Elobu

Day 13 Wadis Ti-n-Amoutine
3 hours walk.
Views: Wadi Ti-n-Amoutine, In-Habets, In-Galghewan, Mathendush

Day 14 Germa – Sabha – Tripoli
Transfer 1:30, 1 hour flight.
Move Germa. Transfer to Sebha by minibus. Plane to Tripoli. Overnight in Tripoli.

Day 15 Tripoli – Departure
1 hour from transfer to the airport.

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