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“Top Historical Site”

Apollonia is located in Cyrenaica and is a Greek commercial center in south west Libya. Many of the earlier foundations can be found below sea level with the Christian periods being built over them.

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his is a beautiful area of Libya, rich in history and culture. Set on the edge of the ocean, the area offers natural beauty, picturesque views and a choice of fantastic sights to be explored. What To See The most exciting exploration is to visit the ancient ruins which can be found underwater. You can get a local boat to take you out to the ruins. Unfortunately diving isn't allowed, but on a clear day you can easily see the ruins below the boats hull as you slowly move along the water.

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What to see in Apollonia

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While in Apollonia, you might want to consider a visit to the Susa Museum, the 3 ancient churches, and ruins on the ocean shore.

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How to get to Apollonia

Northeast of Benghazi

Apollonia is located 115 miles northeast of Benghazi and is 12 miles north of Cyrene. It is near to the towns of Al Bayda and Sousa as well. Apollonia can easily be reached by road.

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