Benghazi CoastalCity

“2nd Largest City in Libya”

Benghazi is the second largest Libyan city and is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded by the Greeks in 525BC. The modern area lies just south west of the Greek city and was founded in 446BC.


More about the city of Benghazi

2nd Largest City of Libya

The area was rebuilt after World War II and is a magnificent city which is surrounded by sea and desert. This is a very popular tourist attraction which enjoys a semi-arid climate and a host of sights and attractions for you to experience while visiting Libya.

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What to see in Benghazi

Top Sites of Beghanzi

While in Benghazi, you might want to take a visit to the Zoological garden, Atiq mosque, Al Manar Royal Palace and the "Freedom Square". Benghazi has recent fame from the 2012 revolution...

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How to get to Benghazi

Northeast Libya

Benghazi is located in northeast Libya, 600 miles east of Tripoli, and hosts an international airport. Various international flights as well as domestic flights fly in and out of Benghazi daily. It is possible to access Benghazi by road, although the distance to Benghazi from any border is substantial.

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