Ghat Desert Town

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Deep in the south of Libya, Ghat is a Taureg town known as the entrance of the Akakous Mountains.

More about Ghat

Trading Town

Over the past thousand years, Ghat was a well-known trading town for caravans crossing the Sahara desert.

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What to see in Ghat

A Highlight

One of the highlights of Ghat is the festival that takes place for 3 days every year at the end of December. Tauregs come from all of Libya and even neighboring countries of Algeria and Niger. If you have some time in Ghat, you may want to visit the Italian Fort.

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How to get to Ghat

Southwest of Tripoli

Ghat can be accessed either by road or you may consider flying into Sebha. Located 450 km from Ghadammes and 80 km from the Akakous Mountains, Ghat is a perfect starting point for your mountain exploration.

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