Jewels of the Fezzan

Jewels of the Fezzan – 9 Days

Day 1: Tripoli – Sabha
Flight to the Libyan capital, Tripoli then flight to Sabha on domestic Libya. At Sabha, drivers and guides to go ahead without delay to the desert. Night (in general) built a camp on the outskirts of the erg Ubari.

Day 2: Around the lakes and dunes Ubari
The paved road runs along the erg Ubari one side, the Messak Settafet the other, and through several villages. We arrive at Tekerkiba starting point of the trail to the lakes, we reach the end of the afternoon. Sunset and camp on the giant dunes that surround them.

Day 3: Lakes Ubari
Discovery of the famous lakes of Umm el-Ma Mandara, shimmering lapis lazuli. We wander from one to another to better appreciate the beauty of the infinite erg and the intense contrast between the lakes and surrounding vegetation. Camping in the dunes.

Day 4-5: Messak Settafet – Erg Wan Kasa
Check-in 4X4 for a crossing in the direction of Messak Settafet, through the amazing Berjuj farming complex. Walk to explore the famous and enigmatic carvings of In habet. On set, we will have the opportunity to observe abundance of Neolithic objects. Walk of engraving engraving sites in Mathendous, Galghewan of In and Al Awrer. At the bottom of deep cuts, evidence of past life (etchings) and present (traces of gazelle or sheep. Then we continue by vehicle to the Erg Wan Kasa through the beautiful reliefs akba’t In the tabular Akamet. The Akakous is near. Nights in camp in the dunes.

Day 6-7: Akakous
We are at the heart of one of the Saharan landscape par excellence: the famous tassilis, starting with their dunes to attack towers of sandstone, these black mountains with the color slice harmoniously with ocher sand, canyons and secret gueltas the hidden, not to mention the rock paintings (Tachwenat), which we plunge into the past of this wonderful desert. Passage arched Tin Aleg Infargan and Afissijar.

With vehicles, we carry out transfers and disclaim short time to explore on foot the richest areas. The colors of the rock at sunset, the atmosphere of the camp, the ritual of tea, the discussions around the fire … The evenings take, they too, have unforgettable Sahara.
2-4 hours walking per day.

Day 8: Akakous – Ghat / Sabha – Tripoli
Ultimate hiking in Akakous before taking the road to “bump” to Ghat / Sabha. Domestic Flight Ghat / Sabha, Tripoli (depending on availability). A halt when vehicles arrive on the tarmac, in Ghat, is needed to inflate the tires – the opportunity to take the pulse of this small town that beats to the rhythm of the desert. The thread of asphalt scrolls slowly during the time of transfer (about 4 h), revealing desert landscapes still different from those we saw during the week. Installation at the hotel and dinner.

Day 9: Tripoli – Depart
Transfer to the airport and flight back to home.

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