Roman Archaeological – 4 Days

Roman Archaeological – 4 Days

Day 1: arrival / Tripoli, Libya
Arrive in Tripoli, the capital of Libya and transferred to your hotel.

Day 2: Tripoli/Leptis Magna/Tripoli
After breakfast, travel east overland to spectacular Leptis Magna. This ancient city was founded by the Phoenicians as a trading post, but it wasn’t until the Romans occupied it in the first century AD that it became a major center of commerce and culture. Explore the sprawling site’s well-preserved ruins and envision the lives of ancient Romans as you visit the Theater, the Punic market, the Roman baths After lunch, return to Tripoli.

Day 3: Tripoli/Sabratha/Tripoli
This morning, drive west to of Tripoli to the Roman ruins of Sabratha. Founded by the Canaanites in the sixth century BC, this sprawling city has been occupied by the Carthaginians, Phoenicians and eventually by Rome, in 46 BC. Explore Sabratha’s most spectacular site, the Theater. Constructed during Emperor Commodus’ reign (AD 161–192), this architectural wonder features a three-story backdrop of columns. Other monuments include the Temple of Serapes and the Temple of Hercules. After lunch, return to Tripoli. This evening, enjoy dinner in downtown Tripoli.

Day 4: Tripoli
Today, delve into the history and culture of Tripoli, considered one of the oldest urban centers in the world. In the morning, visit the Museum of Tripoli known as the Red Castle Museum, which contains a priceless collection of ancient Greek and Roman objects. Stop in the Old City, pulsing with the sights and sounds of everyday life that has remained unchanged for centuries. Here, meander through souks, stopping to smell herbs and spices and see handmade goods. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of courtyards, alleyways and homes built over the centuries — a kaleidoscopic showcase of the architecture and art of Tripoli’s many former rulers. Later today, board your homebound flight.

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