Sabratha Roman Ruins

“A Jewel of Libya”

Sabratha lies to the North West of Libya on the coast with spectacular sea views. This city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with it’s trade port dating back to 500BC.

More about Sabratha

A Jewel of Libya!

The city today is ruins, but there are temples, a magnificent third century theater, a forum and so much more to see, giving you a true idea of the size of this once very busy port town in North Africa. The city was rebuilt after an earthquake struck the area in the fourth century, but took a rapid decline in the fifth century thanks to the Vandal misrules of the area. .

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What to see at Sabratha

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While in Sabratha, make sure you visit the museum, the forum, mosaics and of course the theater. Sabratha is well worth a visit.

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How to get to Sabratha

West of Tripoli

Sabratha is located 40 miles west of Tripoli, Libya and 140 miles southeast of Djerba, Tunisia. It is nestled right along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Sabathra is an ideal day excursion trip from Tripoli.

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