Upcoming Festivals in Libya

In the upcoming months there are a number of festivals and holidays taking place throughout Libya. If you’re planning a vacation to this spectacular North African country, you can take part in or enjoy one of the festivals taking place in one of the many locations throughout the country.

August 2013
The month of August is home to the Zuwarah Awessu Festival. This is a Berber festival. The people wash themselves in the sea prior to feasting on the beaches. The festival is alive with traditional cuisine and music, an experience to remember.

September 2013
During the month of September there are three holidays in Libya.
• Revolution Day is a national holiday, the streets are decorated and everyone celebrates this special occasion.
• Tuareg Festival is found in Ghadames and is an experience to remember.
• Derj Tourist Festival is filled with arts, crafts and traditional music.

October 2013
October is a busy month for festivals in Libya, with four festivals taking place throughout the country.
• Libya Motor Show is an international car show and one that shouldn’t be missed by car enthusiasts.
• Hoon Date Festival is a festival which starts at the start of the harvest period. Complete with singing, dancing and great food, this is always an enjoyable and fun festival.
• Green Mountains Touns Festival takes place in Cyrene each year and is an enjoyable experience.
• Day of Mourning is held on the 26th October, this is a national holiday in memory of those who were expedited during the Italian rule.

So if you are planning a vacation to Libya in the coming months, there are many festivals to experience along with everything else Libya has to offer.

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