Visiting Libya in Winter

When visiting various countries around the world, you usually aim for the spring or summer months, because you want to be able to explore all the country has to offer. The great thing about Libya, is that winter can actually be a pleasant time of year to visit.

Libya enjoys a very hot climate, which means during the summer months, temperatures can soar so high that all you want to do is lie in the pool or in the sea, or maybe just sit in your air conditioned hotel room.

While the coastal areas do get damp during winter, as you head inland, the weather remains pleasant, even warm in most cases.

Winter is the ideal time to explore the Libyan Desert, visit the golden dunes and enjoy some hiking. Explore the volcanic mountains, roman ruins and lakes, all without overheating yourself.

The museums remain open throughout the year and there are no shortage of spectacular museums to explore in Libya, especially the Red Castle in Tripoli, which has thousands of artefacts to see spanning over a number of permanent exhibitions.

Leptis Magna and Sabratha are an absolute must. Visit the ancient ruins, step back in time and soak up the history of this areas past.

Head to the cities, Tripoli or Benghazi, spend some time shopping on the main streets before heading to the Medina and bartering with a stall owner at the souk.

Ghadames is also an absolute must when in Libya, this oasis town is absolutely magnificent and it’s a pleasure to visit when the weather is slightly cooler.

It’s important to remember that even though you are traveling to Libya during the winter months, inland still gets very hot, keep plenty of water with you, stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun with a sun hat and cream.

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